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An Alante client is someone who is a connoisseur of photography. Someone who flips through Vogue and reads National Geographic, appreciates art, truth and loves glamour! They are confident with who they are and want the very best for themselves and their loved ones.

Having 14 years and over 700 photographed weddings photographer Loren Callahan depends on his ability to communicate thoughtfully and clearly, with and for his clients to produce the most beautiful and articulate photographs. Lorens story-telling ability, creative awareness and constant pursuit of innovation allows him to capture and create scenes and situations with accuracy and personal style.

Loren has background studies in fashion photography, spending 6 years in New York shooting editorial fashion along side photo journalism for agencies like Associated Press, Reuters news service, and Getty Images. Loren's photographs have been published in major news magazines and news agencies including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek and People magazine.

Loren has won numerous awards from the National Professional Photographers Association and in 2004 was invited to have his photographs be part of the National Native American Museum, Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

He is also members of multiple accredited associations such as American Society of Media Photographers, Wedding Photojournalist Association, National Press Photographers Association are just a few.

Alante Photography blends styles of editorial fashion and photojournalism. "It is wonderful to see people's lives flourish on such a beautiful day". Jacques Bergeron of the Columbia Tower Club has said of Alante's wedding work, "When you look at Alante Photography photographs for the first time, or in 50 years, you will remember exactly how you felt in every moment of each photo".

A word about Photoshop, retouching and enhancement. Photoshop is a great tool for photographers. It has become apparent that some photographers use Photoshop as a crutch to save their photographs when they were poorly shot in the first place. Meaning the photo was composed poorly or the photo was exposed badly. I believe that a photo should be constructed within the camera first. The use of Photoshop is only truly needed for color correction. Not bring photos back from the dead. Nor make you look like you went under the knife or had major Botox done. I am a bit old school about this subject. With that said used appropriately, enhancing a photo with PS to create a certain feel can be spectacular.

Loren along with his team look forward to meeting and speaking with you to create and capture your event or session with amazing style and artistic sense.

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